Enhancing vehicle records

CarPod is an expansion of DealerVault that allows you to enhance and customize your vehicle inventory records. Carpod has been enhancing vehicle inventory records for dealers every day with over 2 million vehicles in its current daily workload.

You can embrace the power of Carpod's inventory management tools and syndicate your inventory with DealerVault. It’s the perfect suite of tethered products that take data from your DMS system or third party provider, cleanse and enhance your data using Carpod and syndicate with vendors around the world with DealerVault. Take control of your data and use Carpod for your inventory needs.


Vehicle Inventory Management

  • Drag & Drop Photo upload and reorder
  • Ability to aggregate multiple input sources
  • Compatible with all PC & mobile devices
  • Add and edit vehicle records
  • Comprehensive Vin Decoding
  • 15 years’ experience, processing over 2 million vehicles per day



  • Enhance data with images
  • Ability to aggregate multiple input sources
  • Prioritize data sources down to field level
  • Add and edit vehicle records
  • Delivery configuration powered by DealerVault
  • $20 Million dollars of cyber liability insurance