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The DealerVault allows vendors to support the dealer initiative to control the distribution of their data.

Solution providers that join DealerVault  empower dealers with complete control over and visibility into the movement of their data. And, because DealerVault is hosted on a secure, cloud platform and is covered by a $20 million cyber liability insurance policy, solution providers that join DealerVault will also be helping dealers stay compliant with NADA security guidelines.

In addition to providing control and visibility all at no cost to the dealer, DealerVault has a streamlined setup process that consolidates and meets all connection needs through one DMS integration allowing dealers and solution providers alike to maximize and capture their data’s value within days. DealerVault adds significant value to vendors’ programs with consistent, reliable, and DMS agnostic data feeds.

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DealerVault Vendors

DealerVault Vendors empower dealership control of the distribution of their DMS data by powering their programs with DealerVault!


Carfeine, Inc.

Carfeine is a big-data powered automotive marketing platform focused on putting the right vehicle, in front of the right person, at the right time. We accomplish this, and make the entire market more efficient, by directly connecting dealers and their marketing partners.

Dealers create their own lead generation campaigns and engage VIN merchandising partners directly on hundreds of the most-trafficked sites nationally. Their vehicles get seen alongside excellent content and value provided by a curated marketplace of sites.

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DealerAddendums, Inc. is an online subscription based service that allows car dealerships to easily and affordably print customized, accurate and professionally branded New Vehicle Addendums and used Vehicle Addendums, Buyers Guides and Info Sheets.

Currently dealerships are often relegated to hand writing or using Excel to create addendum labels, an arduous, time consuming and often inaccurate process. Now, with’s system, dealerships can easily upload or import DMS inventory to print professional, custom branded and accurate car addendum labels – all in a snap.

Dealerships can also post that addendum label online with each car advertised on their websites. To meet current industry standards and legal law requirements - this feature is huge! All dealerships need to do to get printing today is simply sign up for a free trial at, it’s that easy!

Dealer Engage

Dealer Engage builds automation that reduces repetitive processes associated with marketing and customer communication through a number of channels. Automotive Dealers may use such factors as customer vehicle interest, current vehicle ownership, driving history, mileage and engage segmented customers. This makes it easy for dealership marketing teams to create a target engagement plan and measure the efficiency of the required resources. By employing an email management campaign, marketers send pre-formatted messages about products to a list of email contacts. Automated Marketing has become the best solution for developing targeted email marketing and sales engagement and driving revenue for dealerships – in both sales and service.

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Drive-Sure creates added value that engages customers to think of their new car dealership first for routine maintenance. Plus, we hand deliver customers back for unplanned repairs like tires, brakes, batteries and check engine lights. Dealerships using Drive-Sure:

  • Increase First Service Visit Retention
  • Boost Routine Maintenance Visits
  • Recapture Unplanned Repair Revenue
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Best of all, dealerships realize these results for less than the cost of an oil change discount.

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eLEND Solutions

Headquartered in Mission Viejo, California, eLEND Solutions is a technology company focused on providing a more efficient sales and finance process for the entire retail automotive industry. eLEND Solution’s patented platform creates a connected buying experience for consumers, dealers and lenders - revolutionizing the ways cars are sold by starting sales and finance together online – and slashing the transaction time from hours to minutes.

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Friendemic provides social media marketing and reputation management software and services for hundreds of automotive clients across the nation. We are a certified vendor for BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, Kia and Toyota. Friendemic is a leader in managing social advertising campaigns to generate awareness, website traffic and sales and service leads. In addition, our expert staff monitors and responds to your business’s online reviews, and using DMS integration via partners like DealerVault, we send daily emails to solicit positive reviews from your customers. Friendemic creates unique content for your social media sites, and more importantly, we actively engage with your target audience by responding to comments and answering questions. Our focus on engagement helps build your brand and promote conversations that drive your bottom line.

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GrowthFX provides customer engagement and sales alignment products for the automotive industry. Founder Ted Carpenter of ClickPath/Who’s Calling envisions driving substantial growth for the entire industry with the company’s new GFX platform, a set of tools designed to optimize the most critical step of the purchase equation: the sales rep-to-prospect interaction. Research shows that consumers are changing many aspects of their behavior in the era of pervasive social media and that dealerships can benefit by embracing these changes. One could say that GFX is the of the automotive industry, by helping shoppers engage on a personal level with a highly-aligned sales professional before ever walking into the dealership.

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ImpactWare provides a robust social-mobile application, which includes integrated and comprehensive digital marketing services for dealers and car companies - car sales, car finance and car services are the primary focus for return on investment.

Our HELIOS social-mobile application and digital marketing services create lifecycle relationships with social-mobile media members and shoppers, a “cradle-to-grave” relationship with them and their car. The benefits to dealers and car companies are consumer driven acquisition and retention touch points. ImpactWare provides a social-mobile engagement application and digital marketing service that produces revenue generating “calls-to-action” for dealers and car companies. 

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Outsell ( is a digital marketing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that is transforming the way automotive brands engage with customers. Recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in America, the company’s award-winning customer engagement platform, Outsell Fuel, is a powerful cross-channel customer engagement solution that employs turn-key campaigns, brand-ready content and predictive analytics to identify and attract in-market buyers, engender loyalty and drive sales. Outsell drives measurable incremental sales for thousands of automotive dealers representing all the major brands in North America.

reVo marketing group

reVo marketing group provides multi-faceted, direct mail campaigns & digital marketing solutions for automotive dealerships and OEM’s nationwide. In 3 short years, we have successfully managed over 1,200 campaigns by providing our clients an innovative, highly analytical and results driven approach to automotive marketing.

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ROITrak is innovation. Our solution is a revolutionary, cutting-edge software-as-a-service which provides automobile dealerships the ability to accurately analyze, measure and optimize all of their marketing efforts to derive a true return on investment for every dollar spent. Nothing on the market today provides the capability of actually tracking the ROI for marketing spend. ROITrak takes a comprehensive approach in bringing together multiple facets of a business along with customer feedback and vendor information and aggregates all available data to show dealerships the true return on their marketing dollars.

Simply stated, ROITrack is an all-encompassing software which includes tracking, marketing, and CRM capabilities. 

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Sirius XM Radio, Inc.

SiriusXM delivers commercial-free music, sports, and entertainment to new and pre-owned vehicles from every major automaker. 

Dealers can give a 3-Month Trial Subscription to over 150 channels of SiriusXM in their car, on the mobile app or on the computer at no cost to you or your customers when they purchase a qualified vehicle. Also eligible Service customers can receive a free 2-Month Trial to the SiriusXM Radio in-vehicle audio package after their service visit.  

Visit for more information and to join the SiriusXM Dealer Programs.

Spiffit – The Incentive Dashboard

Build, launch, manage, measure, report-on and fulfill Spiff programs for New & Used Vehicle Sales, Service and F&I while automatically reconciling and updating multiple times per day. Spiffit is payroll-ready all day, every day.

Your staff are engaged through a personalized dashboard as well as mobile-optimized email and text pushes that display what to sell, how much they are earning and how they rank against their peers.

Drive your people to focus on the products and services that are profitable for your dealership and reach a higher level of performance!

If you want to sell it – Spiffit!

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Hynts by Sum-Ware takes out the guess work of following-up with customers by automatically sending personalized text and email messages. We provide your team the ability to quickly build rapport, increase CSI scores, reduce labor costs while improving the full customer experience.

Dealers can easily customize their messages to reflect your individual brand and reply to customers in real-time. Hynts helps contain customer information within the dealership by eliminating the need for advisors to use personal cell phone numbers. This is all accomplished with no additional applications to install or learn!

Head to to learn more on how to stop calling and start connecting with your free trial.

Team Velocity Marketing

Team Velocity Marketing provides automotive companies across the U.S. with a 360 Sales and Service Marketing Program. Team Velocity is devoted to the automotive industry and provides a broad range of integrated marketing services for new and used vehicle sales and service. In addition to various creative solutions, Team Velocity’s market research and data analysis is unrivaled in the industry. Over the last 20 years, the Team Velocity leadership team has founded some of the most successful marketing and training companies in the industry, has worked with 75% of the top 100 dealers and 18 manufacturers in the U.S. and globally.

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VistaDash is a comprehensive visual aid that allows you review and analyze data from multiple sources at a glance. It's clear, user-friendly interface displays all your latest data trends, allowing you to quickly and easily analyze information and encourage smarter marketing decisions.

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Introducing TotalLoop, a truly performance-based retention solution for your
dealership. TotalLoop will generate an extra 10-20% new car sales every month for $20,000-60,000 in incremental gross profit.

Your dealership won’t pay TotalLoop a dime unless we are consistently producing measurable and guaranteed results each and every month.

Some of the other TotalLoop benefits include:

  • Accelerate the customer buying cycle
  • Turn service customers into a new car sale
  • Acquire quality trade-ins every month
  • Achieve a 90%+ close ratio on all TotalLoop appointments

The best part is TotalLoop will literally do all the necessary follow up work for you assuring your dealership success!

To learn more call 888-614-5667 or visit

Traver Connect

Founder, John Traver, has over 25 years of creating premier business development solutions for the automobile industry. After selling his previous company – Traver Technologies – to ADP, he moved on to his next challenge. A COMPLETE SERVICE BDC.

Traver Connect is focused on driving excellence to the service drive. Everything we do is designed around improving customer experience by eliminating the burden on dealerships to hire, train and implement these processes. We provide three turn-key solutions that centralize inbound calls and free up Advisors to better serve their customers. That means more time to sell with the right tools and take control of data sources by using better technologies and more efficient practices.

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