Total data ownership at no cost

Dealervault is the first cloud-based solution to empower dealerships with control over the syndication and distribution of their DMS data.  It's FREE and easy to use, web-based platform allows dealerships to quickly set up, view and modify DMS data feeds.  DealerVault provides dealerships with a solution to all pressing issues including security, compliance, and idemnification through a $20 million cyber liability policy. 

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Data Security - Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Protecting your client data is as important to us as it is to you. That's why DealerVault is backed by a multi-million dollar cyber-liability insurance policy.

We've combined state-of-the-art security with cloud technology to provide you peace of mind about your data and the privacy of your clients.

Total Control - Granular Level Customization

DealerVault lets you take the wheel when it comes to managing your data. It's your business and your data, we're just here to help you steer.

We believe in allowing you total control so you have complete transparency into what your vendor partners are receiving at any time. With your own personal login, you can monitor and modify your feeds as you please.



Choice in Data Integration

We believe that you control your data and have the right to access and use your data how you see fit. We offer many options to assist you with extraction as well as integration with over 450 solution providers.

We offer full support for DMS extractions and our vendor list is updating daily!