What is DealerVault?

DealerVault is the first ever cloud-based system designed to allow dealerships to control the syndication and distribution of their data to approved third-party solution providers utilizing cloud services from Rackspace® Hosting.

Who is best suited for DealerVault?

DealerVault is designed to benefit everyone - single points, groups and mega dealers.

Why should I sign up?

DealerVault provides the security and compliance you need to properly protect your client data.

How long is the commitment?

With DealerVault your commitment is month to month.

What is the cost of DealerVault?

DealerVault offers a straight-forward no-charge pricing model for all dealers and an extremely cost-effective and controlled pricing solution for vendors.

What happens to my existing data feeds?

Current data feeds should stay in place until they are moved to the DealerVault cloud. Each data delegate will need to sign the DealerVault Data Delegate agreement which further protects the dealer.

How long does it take to get on board?

New dealers can be set up within 1 business week.

Is DealerVault certified by the DMS provided?

DealerVault is not certified by any DMS provider. Certification would increase the overall cost to the dealer without any added benefits.

How many data feeds can I have?

DealerVault does not limit the number of data feeds you can set up. You can setup as many feeds as you need to feed your solutions.

Can't I already do this with my DMS?

No other technology offers the ease of use and visibility of DealerVault.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact us to get your questions answered.