Supporting your business

Solution providers that join DealerVault  empower dealers with complete control over and visibility into the movement of their data. And, because DealerVault is hosted on a secure, cloud platform and is covered by a $20 million cyber liability insurance policy, solution providers that join DealerVault will also be helping dealers stay compliant with NADA security guidelines.

In addition to providing control and visibility all at no cost to the dealer, DealerVault has a streamlined setup process that consolidates and meets all connection needs through one DMS integration allowing dealers and solution providers alike to maximize and capture their data’s value within days. DealerVault adds significant value to vendors’ programs with consistent, reliable, and DMS agnostic data feeds, as well as a wide range of comprehensive services to meet the needs of your business. 

DMS Integration

DealerVault supports data extraction from major DMS providers in the marketplace, such as Reynolds & Reynolds, CDK, Autosoft, DealerTrack, UCS, DealerBuilt/Lightyear, and Advent. We offer automated and manual extraction options to accommodate the dealership's preference on integration with their system. Once a dealership is integrated with DealerVault, a feed can be turned on to all other vendors with a few simple clicks.

Data from all DMS is normalized so that you can directly integrate into your products regardless of the source; saving you development and making your operations more efficient.

No-Barriers Business Model

We believe that innovation can come in any size company. Therefore, we keep our prices low and our product configurations flexible. For a minimal start-up fee (applied to future services) and a quick technical start-up call, we can get you started in our program without unneccessary stress and overhead.

Support You Trust

Aside from offering very competitive Service Level Agreements, our support teams take the time to learn about your business, your needs, and build a relationship with you.

We have a dedicated account management team to support your daily activities and a team dedicated to fulfilling your data orders with Dealers. It is not uncommon to have interactions with members from other departments as well. We are all here to support your business!